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New Student Orientation

Vaughn College Fall 2015 Orientation

Welcome to Vaughn College! The new student orientation program provides the foundation and serves as the starting point of your overall college experience. The new student and family orientation program is the beginning of an ongoing process that facilitates students' and their family members/supporters' transition into the learning environment of the Vaughn College community.

At new student orientation there will be opportunities for social interaction and engagement, intellectual challenges and cultural exchanges. The orientation experience will expose you to all of Vaughn's resources and provide an understanding of our core values. Charting your pathway for the pursuit academic excellence, your service to the community and abroad and encouraging you to fully participate in our vibrant and engaging student experience are of paramount importance to us.

When you reach the end of the new student orientation program you will have an understanding and familiarity with academic expectations, an overview of your responsibilities as a college community member and all the necessary tools and information for your growth, development and success.

We invite, welcome and strongly encourage parent and families to join us for the parent and family orientation program. Your support team is extremely important in this process. We have tailored an orientation program specifically for parent and family members.  Please join us!

Completing the form below will ensure that we have a spot for you and your family at this summer's orientation program. We will introduce you to new friends, faculty, staff and campus life, as well as get you started on your journey to a great college experience.

If you have any questions or need further information, feel free to contact the orientation staff via email at orientation@vaughn.edu or you can contact the office of student affairs at 718.429.6600, ext. 221. For directions to the campus, please click here.



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If you are entering Vaughn with 30 college credits or more completed, your orientation session will be held on:
All international students will have an orientation on:
Each orientation will have a parent and family track and you can register for it right here!
If family members will be attending, please specify how many will attend.*
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1If family members are shadowing the student program, there is a cost of $15 per person for meals and materials. You must bring a check made out to Vaughn College on the day of orientation to secure their spot.