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RoboBee is all the buzz this year. This insect-inspired microrobot drone which is half the size of a paperclip “flew” its way into the history books in August 2019 as the lightest vehicle to take a sustained, untethered solo flight. With the help of a second pair of wings and other modifications, Harvard researchers nicknamed […]

NASA’s InSight spacecraft, equipped with a robotic arm, will have an unprecedented look at the interior structure and composition of Mars during its two-year exploration, listening for marsquakes and tremors.

Time, dedication and innovation was the perfect combination for Vaughn College’s Aeronautics and Technology Robotics Team in April as they were named the World Champions at the record-setting 2016 VEX Worlds Robotics Competition in Louisville, Kentucky. The team of 12 students, six seniors and six freshmen, seized the top spot, beating Mexico (among 60 other […]