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Benefits of attending conferences include priceless job exposure, expansive networking opportunities, and the chance to present your student research paper or project. You might also be able to receive financial support from your college to support your attendance.

The pilot shortage might have the aviation industry scrambling, but for aspiring pilots it could mean more job opportunities with higher salaries.

We often hear the expression “blind as a bat,” but new data from a recent study by Lund University in Sweden?on the flying techniques of the long-eared bat?is opening the eyes of the drone community with significant findings that could improve the future development of drone technology. Researchers observed trained bats as they flew through […]

This semester I had the opportunity to attend the Leadership Academy retreat at Frost Valley YMCA with other Vaughn students. In this program, 20 students are chosen to spend a weekend away, learning and developing our leadership skills. We participated in group and trust exercises to build morale and learn more about each other. What I […]