william-farrell-class-of-10WILLIAM FARRELL, CLASS OF ’10

Bachelor of Science in Aircraft (Flight) Operations
Bayville, New York

“The aviation industry connections here are amazing.” William Farrell figured that Vaughn College’s location across from LaGuardia Airport meant the college had strong ties to the aviation field. It wasn’t until he came to Vaughn, though, that he realized how deep those connections truly were-and how he would benefit from them.

Learning from professors who are actively involved in the aviation industry is a huge benefit to William. “They can share an insider’s perspective with students about the careers we wish to pursue,” he says. William, who is considering a career as a helicopter pilot, says he especially enjoyed hearing the stories from his professors who were chopper pilots. His dream was further shaped by a field trip to the Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation, a world leader in military and commercial helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft, and the rotorcraft technology course offered at Vaughn.

While this insider’s look at the industry has helped him for his next step-graduate school-and his future career in aviation, William is also excited to hear about what Vaughn has planned for its future –  investing in such upgrades as the new flight simulator fleet, residence hall and engineering equipment.

“The features that the new simulators offer are great assets to Vaughn’s aircraft operations program,” he says. “The instrumentation is beneficial to students because they are very similar to what a contemporary commercial pilot sees in the cockpit.”

But what will these students benefit from most” According to William, it’s the people.

“The students and faculty are very friendly and approachable. The classes are small. The overall experience of attending this school is priceless. I know I will stay in touch with the many friends I have made here.”