sandip-hodkhasa-class-of-09SANDIP HODKHASA, CLASS OF ’09

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering Technology: Aeronautical
Graduate student in mechanical engineering, Texas A&M University

Relocating from India, Sandip Hodkhasa sought out a college with a friendly, but career-focused student population. He liked what he saw in Vaughn College.

“I noticed all of these students who worked full-time or part-time, and even after they were finished working they were motivated to study,” Hodkhasa recalled. “They’d meet in the library or sometimes a classroom if one was available. That’s how I met so many of my friends.”

Hodkhasa moved from Kolkata, India, near the Bangladesh border, to the United States in 2005. His family settled in Birmingham, Ala., where he began to research engineering and aviation schools. Vaughn seemed an ideal fit.

“I always wanted to study aeronautical engineering,” Hodkhasa said. “But I had only seen large universities in the U.S. Vaughn is smaller and it has a smaller student-faculty ratio, which helped me.”

A high school cricket player in his native country, Hodkhasa used his competitive instincts as motivation for a degree in mechanical engineering technology, focusing on aeronautics. He graduated in 2009 with a 3.95 grade-point average and is now pursuing a master’s in mechanical engineering at Texas A&M University.

Hodkhasa anticipates receiving his master’s in 2012, after which he will continue for a doctorate in mechanical engineering. He hopes his continued academic endeavors are as inspiring as his years at Vaughn.

“What I remember most are my professors,” he says. “They were extremely helpful and pleasant. Apart from that, I made great friends that, knock wood, will always be my friends.”