gagandeep-munderGAGANDEEP MUNDER, CLASS OF ’15

Munder came to this country from India when he was twelve years old. He wanted to be a pilot since he was five and remembers running after planes as a little boy until they disappeared from view — first in India and then in New York where larger planes filled the sky. When Vaughn College made a presentation at his sister’s high school, she immediately told him about it. The information looked good, so he went to Vaughn for a campus tour. What he found was an appealing College that wasn’t too big and seemed to be what he was looking for. He had previously attended another college for one year, but wasn’t satisfied. He now found the small atmosphere at Vaughn paid off — all his professors knew him by name and since networking is such a big part of the aviation field, it was great to connect with those currently in the field.

After starting at Vaughn, Munder found out about a new program that offered accelerated flight training. He was immediately interested and became one of the students in the first class to head down to San Marcos. He totally enjoying the program, getting used to flying in different states and pursuing his dream. He is now flying in New York at Vaughn’s partner school, Heritage Flight Academy.

As well as being in the air and spend days focused only on flying, simulators are a huge part of the learning experience at Vaughn, commented Munder. “Practice and learning takes place in the simulators because, after all, planes are not the best classroom and we don’t want to practice in the sky.”

Through his degree program Munder has earned his private pilot license, instrument rating, commercial pilot license, single and commercial multi-engine instrument rating, certified flight instructor certificate and certified flight instructor instrument rating and is currently completing his multi-engine instructor rating.

Munder has a semester to go and is currently teaching as a flight instructor at Academy of Aviation (AOA) and in the Vaughn simulator lab. He has also completed the training and license exam for the flight dispatcher license at Vaughn College.

Once he finishes his degree, his goal is to become an airline pilot flying internationally as well as for charter services.