On Tuesday, April 27, Vaughn hosted a virtual visit with JetBlue as part of their new partnership with the College for the University Gateway Program. Launched in 2007, the JetBlue University Gateway Program was the first and is the longest-running pathway program from aviation college students. 

The program allows students in flight programs from an AABI-accredited institution to earn a conditional job offer for a position as a first officer at the company. Once accepted, students will follow a personalized path to gain experience and build their flight time. Once all program requirements are met and background and other related checks are passed, those in the program will join JetBlue as first officers and will not be required to complete any additional interview process. 

How it works: 

  • Apply and be accepted as a University Gateway Program participant and earn a conditional job offer for a JetBlue first officer position. 
  • Graduate from your AABI-accredited aeronautical university with a 3.0 GPA in your major 
  • Serve as a certified flight instructor at your school for at least 500 hours of dual given. 
  • Fly for Cape Air, JetSuiteX or a Part 121 regional carrier (2,500+ hours of flight experience) for at least 1,000 hours and complete your full commitment with the carrier (as applicable) 
  • Attend the jet transition course (as applicable) 
  • Complete all requirements to become a JetBlue first officer. 

Vaughn has since been named a partner institution, allowing our aircraft operations students to apply and interview while still attending and completing their college courses. For more information visit: University Gateway — JetBlue Pilot Gateway Programs