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Please select the housing options and/or meal plans you are paying for in this transaction. You must select at least one payment option and may select all you want to pay at this time.

No Deposit Payment Now
Security Deposit at $ 250.00
Security Deposit at $ 125.00 (for one semester only)

I would like to pay for the following meal plan:
No Meal Payment Now
Meal Plan 1 at $ 595.00 (Not available to Residential Freshmen)
Meal Plan 2 at $ 880.00 (Not available to Residential Freshmen)
Meal Plan 3 at $ 1,200.00
Meal Plan 4 at $ 1,650.00
Meal Plan 5 at $ 75.00 (Recommended for Part Time Commuter Students)
Meal Plan 6 at $ 125.00 (Recommended for Full Time Commuter Students)

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