Celso Alvarez

Associate Vice President of Enrollment, Associate Vice President of Enrollment, Admissions


718.429.6600 ext: 117


Celso Alvarez has over 15 years of experience in higher education and began his career as an admissions counselor with the City University of New York where he spent 3 years before coming to Vaughn College. Alvarez was offered a job to become a Westchester Police officer but turned down the job for the opportunity to enrich lives.

“I remember getting both job offers on the same day and thinking about wanting to continue helping others achieve their dreams. I knew the answer immediately,” said Alvarez. “I knew about Vaughn College because of friends who attended when it was called The College of Aeronautics. However, I never knew this place was so special until I experienced the community. Vaughn has great faculty and great students.”

Alvarez values and cherishes what the admissions department does for students and their families. He believes that one should help as many people as possible, if given the chance. That is why the choice to change lives for the better led him up this career path. He makes it a point to know as many students by name and ask about their progress. Vaughn is a unique college where students are prepared to become innovators and he values that.


BA, Lehman College
MPS, St. Thomas University