New York State Enhanced Tuition Award

What is the Enhanced Tuition Award Program?

The New York State Enhanced Tuition Awards program was created to provide private colleges and universities with additional means to support their students in graduating with an associate degree in two years or with a bachelor’s degree in four years. The award program was created in conjunction with Governor Cuomo’s plan to support free tuition in public institutions.

Vaughn College is happy to announce that we will be participating in the Enhanced Tuition Awards program starting in fall 2017. Eligibility for these awards is limited and recipients will be selected by NY States Higher Education Services Corporation. For detailed information including how to fill out the application click here.

Here’s what you need to consider.

When considering where to attend college and how affordable it is, there are many things to review.
Affordability is top of mind at Vaughn College. We are committed to making investments that pay off for students. Our students and their families have access to solid financial counseling and resources to ensure timely degree completion.

Vaughn’s vision—to change the world one student at a time with a transformational education that creates a lifetime of opportunity—makes a Vaughn education well worth the investment. Strong graduation rates, low loan default rates, high graduate average salaries and small class sizes matter. Vaughn will give you the tools you need to succeed.
Scholarships and grants are important and we know that. Vaughn awards financial aid to more than 90 percent of its students and the average financial aid package is $15,000. Vaughn is committed to affordability and access for all who want to attend college.

When comparing costs, compare total costs—not just the cost of tuition. Free tuition at public institutions does not cover the costs of fees, room and board. The final out-of-pocket cost at Vaughn may be quite comparable, given the generous financial aid packages we offer.

There are no strings attached with Vaughn’s scholarships—as long as you keep your grades strong. You will have access to small classes, access to experienced professors, mentoring and the high-impact learning opportunities needed for your career success. And the best part? You can work wherever you’d like after graduation. More than 10 percent of Vaughn graduates work outside of New York state.

A study published in The New York Times ranked Vaughn number one in upward mobility. The study found that fifty-seven percent of students moved up two or more income quintiles after graduating and forty-eight percent graduates end up in the top twenty percent of highest earners in the nation. And 98 percent of our graduates are either working, or in graduate school, within a year with eighty one percent working in a related field.

It is not surprising that U.S. News and World Report named Vaughn in the “Great Schools, Great Prices” category at number 10 in the regional North category in 2016.

Vaughn graduates are working in engineering, technology, management and aviation, all over New York, the nation and the world, and many alumni graduates offer internships and careers at the companies they are currently working at. This is the kind of personal attention that has helped Vaughn’s students achieve their personal and professional goals.

Students have a dynamic learning environment and personalized journey waiting for them right here at Vaughn College.