Ceremony Procedures


  • Upon check-in at the “Graduate Assembly Area,” you will be given an index card with your name on it. Please keep the card with you until you walk on stage.
  • Follow the line-up instructions of the marshals.
  • Rise and proceed to the stage when your degree is called.
  • At the stage: STOP, take off your cap and give your index card to the vice president of academic affairs.
  • When your name is called, walk to the vice president of enrollment services, and he will hood you. Stop and face the audience while you are being hooded. Put your cap back on.
  • Proceed to President DeVivo, who will be waiting to hand you your diploma.
  • Remember to “shake and take” – shake hands with your right hand and accept your diploma with your left.
  • Shake the hand of the Board of Trustees Chair Thomas J. McKee.
  • Walk off the stage and return to your seat, as directed by the marshals.

Congratulations on your grand accomplishment!