Decorum of the Day


Commencement is a dignified academic event that recognizes the achievements of all Vaughn College graduates and our guest speaker. Students who elect to participate are expected to observe some simple guidelines.

  • Cell phones and other electronic devices must be turned off for the entirety of the ceremony. Any noise-making devices and any other objects that detract from the formality of the event are prohibited.
  • The aisles must remain clear throughout the ceremony. Specified areas will be available for photos.
  • Upon conclusion of the ceremony, students and guests should remain in their seats until the processional has made its way out of the hangar.
  • Guests are requested to cooperate with all requests by Vaughn staff throughout the event.

All students and guests are expected to adhere to the ceremony guidelines. Complete cooperation will ensure the most memorable experience for all graduates and attendees.

Thank you.