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What is distance learning?

Distance learning links instructors, students, and resources in differing geographic locations using various technologies.

How long is each course?

Vaughn's online classes mirror the schedule offered on campus.

Fall and spring terms are 16 weeks in duration, and two six-week summer sessions are offered.

What happens if my company requires me to travel while class is in session?

The college enables students to continue study by providing DVD copies of the individual classes. Written requests for disks should be made prior to the travel schedule. Students should expect recorded classes to be provided within one week of request.

What about transfer credit?

Vaughn College will evaluate transfer credit from other colleges and universities. An official transcript should be submitted. Generally, a grade of C or better is required for a course to be accepted for transfer credit.

What are the benefits of distance learning?

Distance learning allows a student to have the same opportunity to learn in spite of his/her geographic locations. Programs and courses are offered through the internet or by video in a format taught by a qualified faculty member. Learning materials, resources and assignments are all presented online and in an asynchronous method. On-campus attendance is not required.

Is a degree earned online different than one earned on-campus?

No, the degree is equivalent to one earned on-campus, and at the same cost.

Are all Vaughn classes offered online?

No, not all classes are offered online. There are five select Vaughn degree programs that are offered entirely online. But many other individual courses are offered online.

Check the Course Scheduler each semester for a listing of all online offerings.

What are the advantages to online learning?

There are three primary advantages of online learning.

• Accessibility: Your course is open you 24/7 during the semester. You only need access to the internet to login.
• Flexibility: You can arrange learning around your life's schedule. Or, add an extra class to your on-campus schedule.
• Affordability: No need for commuting costs to campus, or for resident hall expenses.  

What do online courses cost?

Vaughn's online programs and courses are priced identically to our on campus classes. However, some certificate programs may have a slightly different pricing structure.

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