Vaughn's range of bachelor degree programs in aviation prepare students for exciting careers in the air and on the ground.

Aircraft Operations Bachelor of Science (BS) Degree

Vaughn College, adjacent to New York's world-class LaGuardia Airport, provides an unsurpassed learning environment for students in this four-year program, designed to build proficiency in all areas of pilot skills. Here, students investigate first-hand the areas of aeronautical technology and various facets of aircraft, air traffic control and safety and airline procedures to function as professional pilots. Students may follow a professional pilot option, or they may easily transfer to the airport management program.

Aviation Maintenance Bachelor of Science (BS) Degree

This four-year program in aviation maintenance not only develops each student's technical abilities but also provides the communications, critical thinking and analytical skills sought by managers of today's rapidly changing aviation industry. Students are required to hold the Federal Aviation Administration's Airframe and Powerplant certificate before enrolling in this program. This program also is available online as part of our Distance Learning curriculum.

Aviation Maintenance Management Bachelor of Science (BS) Degree

Designed to broaden the perspective of the aviation maintenance professional, this program provides students with the education to assume leadership and management roles. This program blends coursework in maintenance, avionics and operations of aircraft systems with management courses, as well as liberal arts and sciences. It also requires the satisfactory completion of all courses for certification through the Aviation Training Institute or possession of the Airframe and Powerplant certificate. This program also is available online as part of our Distance Learning curriculum.

Aeronautical Sciences Bachelor of Science (BS) Degree

This degree has been developed to provide students with the flexibility to incorporate flight qualifications as well as prepare for and explore a variety of other career opportunities in the aviation, management and technology fields. The program is designed to allow students to gain a broad perspective in aeronautical sciences by obtaining a foundation in areas such as flight dispatch, air  traffic control and airfield operations. Our forward-thinking approach allows for training in areas relevant to achieving career success. Our location, adjacent to world-class LaGuardia Airport, as well as smaller airports, provides a learning environment unsurpassed in terms of activities, resources and personnel in the aeronautical sciences fields.