Land an Exciting Career in Aviation Maintenance.

We'll take you under our wing.

In as little as 16 months at the Aviation Training Institute, you could land a high-paying, high-tech job at a top airline, manufacturer, transportation or public utility company.*

  • One of the nation's largest Aviation Maintenance Certification programs.

  • View of Vaughn College campus with hangar and tower located adjacent to LaGuardia Airport.

  • Aviation Training Institute (ATI) students gain practical hands-on laboratory experience in airframe and powerplant service, repair and maintenance.

  • Vaughn College's hangar is an ideal location for reviewing airframe and powerplant maintenance operations while developing real-world skills.

  • A Vaughn student working on a project in a new welding lab.

  • A Vaughn instructor reviews the mechanics of a propeller.

  • A Vaughn student works on repairs to an airplane engine during class.

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* FAA-certified program.