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Tuition and Fees

Semester Tuition and Fees


All fees are subject to change.

Academic Students 
$10,940 per semester
$730 per credit
Aviation Training Institute (ATI) Students 
$7,825 per semester
$490 per credit
Graduate Students 
$915 per credit
Registration and Program Fees: 
Application Fee 
Tuition Deposit 
International Student Tuition Deposit 
New Student Fee 
Laboratory Fee 
$50 per lab
Semester Fee 
$400 per semester


Residence Hall Rates and Fees
$6,000.00 per semester
$5,320.00 per semester
Triple room 
$4,600.00 per semester
Quad room 
$4,440.00 per semester
Room Deposit 
$250 per academic year
Meal Plan Options: 
Plan 1 (Not available to Freshmen) 
$595 per semester
Plan 2 (Not available to Freshmen) 
$880 per semester
Plan 3 
$1,200 per semester
Plan 4  
$1,650 per semester

 * Participation in a meal plan is mandatory for all students living in the residence hall. All residential freshmen must choose either the $1,650 or $1,200 meal plan.



  • You must pay for the meal plan, in full, by the first day of class.
  • Meal plans will not be activated until your account is paid in full. Failure to pay your bill in full, and consequently being unable to use your meal plan and points, is not justification for a refund of your meal plan charges.
  • Fall points can be used during the January intersession.
  • First-year residential students who fail to sign up for a plan will automatically be assigned to the $1,200 meal plan.
  • Meal plans and points are nonrefundable.
  • Fall semester unused points can be carried over to the spring semester provided you purchase the same plan as the fall semester or one of a higher value for the spring.
  • Spring semester unused points do not carry over to the summer/fall semesters. All unused points are forfeited as of the date of spring residence hall closing.
  • Meal plans begin on the Saturday prior to the first day of undergraduate classes.
  • Meal plans cannot be shared or transferred. Cards will be confiscated if used by someone else. We are not responsible for lost cards.
  • Meal plan is for the entire academic year. If you don't change your option by the last day of the fall semester, you get the same meal plan you signed up for in fall for spring.
  • All meal plans are declining balance and points are deducted from your account as you use them.